[SR-Users] Kamailio on AWS Kubernetes with NLB

Henning Westerholt hw at skalatan.de
Sun Oct 17 13:20:57 CEST 2021


I would try to connect to the kamailio container and increase debug level to see what is happening on a lower level. You can also use tools like ngrep/sngrep to see if the SIP request is routed to the instance.


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Adding a log in kamailio.cfg in request_route method:
xlog("L_INFO", "INFO - request_route - $rm ($fu ($si:$sp) to $tu, $ci)\n");

Using docker-compose I get:
24(30) INFO: {1 1 REGISTER Hotel7dIcm7DCPtmR3jACw..} <script>: INFO - request_route - REGISTER (sip:cedric at localhost:5060;transport=TCP ( to sip:cedric at localhost:5060;transport=TCP, Hotel7dIcm7DCPtmR3jACw..)

But I don't see any log message on AWS :-(

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Subject: [SR-Users] Kamailio on AWS Kubernetes with NLB


I'm trying to deploy Kamailio on Kubernetes (AWS EKS with Network Load Balancer) but I'm not able to register using TCP.
I'm using official Docker image 5.5.0-buster.
I did some tests with Docker Compose and it worked fine, but on K8S it does not :-(

Here are my logs:

Listening on
             tcp: ip-172-31-0-221.eu-central-1.compute.internal:5060
             tcp: 172-31-4-29.kube-prometheus-stack-prometheus-node-exporter.infra-prometheus.svc.cluster.local:5060
             tcp: localhost4.localdomain4:5060
             tcp: localhost4:5060
             tcp: localhost.localdomain:5060
             tcp: localhost:5060
             udp: ip-172-31-0-221.eu-central-1.compute.internal:5060
             udp: 172-31-4-29.kube-prometheus-stack-kubelet.kube-system.svc.cluster.local:5060
             udp: localhost4.localdomain4:5060
             udp: localhost4:5060
             udp: localhost.localdomain:5060
             udp: localhost:5060

 0(1) INFO: <core> [core/tcp_main.c:4983]: init_tcp(): using epoll_lt as the io watch method (auto detected)
 0(1) INFO: rr [../outbound/api.h:52]: ob_load_api(): unable to import bind_ob - maybe module is not loaded
 0(1) INFO: rr [rr_mod.c:188]: mod_init(): outbound module not available
 0(1) INFO: <core> [main.c:3030]: main(): processes (at least): 41 - shm size: 67108864 - pkg size: 8388608
 0(1) INFO: <core> [core/udp_server.c:154]: probe_max_receive_buffer(): SO_RCVBUF is initially 212992
 0(1) INFO: <core> [core/udp_server.c:206]: probe_max_receive_buffer(): SO_RCVBUF is finally 425984
 0(1) INFO: <core> [core/udp_server.c:154]: probe_max_receive_buffer(): SO_RCVBUF is initially 212992
 0(1) INFO: <core> [core/udp_server.c:206]: probe_max_receive_buffer(): SO_RCVBUF is finally 425984
 0(1) INFO: <core> [core/udp_server.c:154]: probe_max_receive_buffer(): SO_RCVBUF is initially 212992
 0(1) INFO: <core> [core/udp_server.c:206]: probe_max_receive_buffer(): SO_RCVBUF is finally 425984
29(35) INFO: jsonrpcs [jsonrpcs_sock.c:443]: jsonrpc_dgram_process(): a new child 0/35
31(37) INFO: ctl [io_listener.c:213]: io_listen_loop(): io_listen_loop:  using epoll_lt io watch method (config)
35(41) INFO: <core> [core/parser/parse_fline.c:147]: parse_first_line(): method not followed by SP
35(41) ERROR: <core> [core/parser/parse_fline.c:271]: parse_first_line(): parse_first_line: bad message (offset: 0)
35(41) ERROR: <core> [core/parser/msg_parser.c:747]: parse_msg(): ERROR: parse_msg: message=<>
35(41) ERROR: <core> [core/receive.c:374]: receive_msg(): core parsing of SIP message failed (

And my service:

apiVersion: v1
kind: Service
  name: kamailio-tcp
    service.beta.kubernetes.io/aws-load-balancer-nlb-target-type: ip
    service.beta.kubernetes.io/aws-load-balancer-proxy-protocol: '*'
    service.beta.kubernetes.io/aws-load-balancer-scheme: internet-facing
    service.beta.kubernetes.io/aws-load-balancer-target-group-attributes: preserve_client_ip.enabled=true
    service.beta.kubernetes.io/aws-load-balancer-type: external
    app.kubernetes.io/instance: test-sip
    app.kubernetes.io/name: kamailio-tcp
    app.kubernetes.io/version: 5.5.0-buster
  type: LoadBalancer
  externalTrafficPolicy: Local
    - name: sip-tcp
      nodePort: 30567
      port: 5060
      protocol: TCP
      targetPort: 5060
    app.kubernetes.io/instance: test-sip
    app.kubernetes.io/name: kamailio

I have a Netwok Load Balancer create with a listener for TCP 5060 but when I try to connect with Zoiper or Linphone, it does not work :-(

I used tcpdump on my pod and it received well some SIP commands.
Any ideas of what could be wrong here?

Thanks in advance!

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