[SR-Users] Call limiting with Kamailio

Karsten Horsmann khorsmann at gmail.com
Fri Nov 26 13:38:18 CET 2021


using dialog or dlg makes your life easier.

-> Counting calls with htable and replicating with DMQ to other node
(can the data survive from a restart?)

htable can write back to the database. But that solution needs a bit more
(getting the data - manually or via dialog/dlg and replicate that htable,
how to work with htable)?

As an untested idea - you can define two htables. One htable_nodeA the
other htable_nodeB.
Node A writes only into htable_nodeA and vice versa. So there should no
race condition.
And then you may check htable_nodeA customerX calls and htable_nodeB
customerX calls (sum that) on new calls.

Many ways.

Kind regards

Am Fr., 26. Nov. 2021 um 13:26 Uhr schrieb Henning Westerholt <hw at gilawa.com

> Hello,
> you could also use dialog profile functionality (single server or also
> with DMQ sync), also probably also the new dlgs module (single server)
> Cheers,
> Henning
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