[SR-Users] Problem implementing Outbound Proxy

Christoph Russow russow at emtex.de
Fri Nov 26 08:59:21 CET 2021

Hi all,

can no one help here? do you need more informations?

Best regards

Am 23.11.21 um 15:26 schrieb Christoph Russow:
> Hi all,
> im currently trying to add a Outbound Proxying to our system which right 
> now does inbound loadbalancing for our application servers.
> Current:
> Inbound SIP Trunk -> Kamailio -> dispatcher -> ApplicationServer 1..n
> i now want to add the ability for our internal Application Servers to 
> terminate their outbound calls through the kamailio system.
> currently i've setup a gateway in the (freeswitch) application server 
> that has the kamailio system set as outbound-proxy. this leads to sip 
> calls started with
> originate sofia/gateway/kamailio/<number>@<outbound carrier IP>
> to be sent to the kamailio system which then forwards it to the given 
> carrier IP. Sadly our main carrier answers with "503 service unavailable 
> - no bandwith available". (maybe due to the internal ip-addresses within 
> some of the headers?)
> i've attached our current kamailio configuration and also a pcap of a 
> call i tried to start with our main carrier.
> i tried this way as it seemed to be the easiest way so our application 
> servers still can select the outbound carrier within their flow.
> maybe i'm on the wrong way here and need to solve this problem in a 
> completely different way i don't know.
> TLDR: sip proxying does not work as expected. need a way to achieve 
> outbound calls routed through kamailio from internal application servers
> any hint/help into the right direction is appreciated
> Best Regards
> Christoph Russow
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