[SR-Users] xavp functionnality in htable

Henning Westerholt hw at gilawa.com
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yes, it’s possible to do this also with htable:


“The module also provides a way to store multiple values for a single key. This is emulated by storing individual keys as 'key_name[n]', where n is incremented for each key. The total number of keys is stored in a dedicated key, by default: 'key_name::size'.

The array is built when the table is loaded in memory and afterwards all the keys are treated as individual keys. If a particular entry in the array is deleted, it is the administrator's responsibility to update the size of the array and any other elements (if required).”


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No, but you could easily store nonscalar values like JSON blobs and deserialise them with the help of the jansson module, and iterate through array values.
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do we have something like xavp in htable or a module that implements having multiple values in stack like xavp but not tied to transaction.

i want data be seen by all processes but with the functionnality of xavp.

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