[SR-Users] STIR/SHAKEN public key

David Villasmil david.villasmil.work at gmail.com
Thu Nov 4 17:36:37 CET 2021

Hello guys,

I'm testing with 2 providers right now, and one of them is asking me to
include my whole certificate on the

*secsipid_add_identity(origTN, destTN, attest, origID, x5u, keyPath)*


*secsipid_add_identity("$fU", "$rU", "A", "",
<https://kamailio.org/stir/$rd/cert.pem>", "/secsipid/$rd/key.pem");*

but it is stated that:

*x5u is the HTTP URL referencing to the public key that should be used to
verify the signature;*

One provider is asking to put the cert there, the other hasn't asked that

So i'm  a little confused, should the x5u be the actual cert (with its
intermediary?) or only the public key?


David Villasmil
email: david.villasmil.work at gmail.com
phone: +34669448337
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