[SR-Users] STIR/SHAKEN, is a number format mandatory?

Ben Kaufman bkaufman at nexvortex.com
Thu Nov 4 00:11:19 CET 2021

According to ATIS-1000074-E

“ the term "valid telephone number" refers to a telephone number that is a nationally specific service number (e.g., 611, 911), or a telephone number that can be converted into a globally routable E.164 number, as specified in section 8.3 of [RFC 8224].”

From the RFC (https://datatracker.ietf.org/doc/html/rfc8224#section-8.3)

Implementations MUST drop any "+"s, internal dashes, parentheses,

or other non-numeric characters, except for the "#" or "*" keys

used in some special service numbers (typically, these will appear

only in the To header field value).  This MUST result in an ASCII

string limited to "#", "*", and digits without whitespace or

visual separators.

In looking at the examples in ATIS-1000074-E, this doesn’t mean that the + should be removed from the other SIP headers (To:, From:, etc), but apparently it shouldn’t be in the  jwt of the Identity header.

Ben Kaufman

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Hello guys,

I'm getting failed by my provider because I'm sending to them with +1 both on the headers and on the payload. My understanding is there is no mandatory format, or is there?


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