[SR-Users] rr module: record_route_advertised_address()/record_route_preset() do ignore custom user AVP

Valentin Christoph Christoph.Valentin at kontron.com
Thu Jun 24 21:41:09 CEST 2021


Maybe a discussion for the DEV mailing list????

Want to overwrite the FQDN by a NATed IP address in the topmost Record-Route of an outgoing INVITE request.

Cannot set the advertise parameter (this must tell the FQDN for all other situations), only in some special situations I want to overwrite the FQDN in Record-Route.

My solution would be to implement in the Kamailio source code (rr module) that not only record_route() uses the get_custom_user() function, but the other both functions uses it, too.

Any better proposals?

All the best
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