[SR-Users] Using Kamailio with Asterisk/pjsip outbound_publish - early state is not notified

Barry Flanagan barry at flanagan.ie
Tue Jun 15 15:37:20 CEST 2021


Using Kamailio 5.4 with Asterisk 18 and using the pjsip outbound-publish 
to allow Kamailio to handle BLF for phones. BLF sort of works, in that 
when a line is on a call, the BLF reflects that. However the 
early/ringing state does not generate a NOTIFY to the phone, although 
Asterisk is sending the Publish and is receiving a 200OK reply from 

I would presume that since basic BLF is working that this early state 
PUBLISH should generate a NOTIFY but it doesn't

Module params are as follows:

# ----- presence params -----
modparam("presence", "db_url", DBURL)
modparam("presence", "server_address", "sip:")
modparam("presence", "local_log_level", 3)
modparam("presence", "publ_cache", 0)
modparam("presence", "timeout_rm_subs", 0)
modparam("presence", "sip_uri_match", 1)

# ----- presence_xml params -----
modparam("presence_xml", "db_url", DBURL)
modparam("presence_xml", "force_active", 1)

modparam("presence_dialoginfo", "force_single_dialog", 0)
modparam("presence_dialoginfo", "force_dummy_dialog", 1)

Any help appreciated!


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