[SR-Users] vsf/vst question

David Escartín descartin at sonoc.io
Tue Jun 15 07:50:52 CEST 2021

Hello all!

as we knew vsf/vst were added to the RR header when using uac_replace for
From/To headers. BUt we observed that some versions ago (we are using now
5.4) that stop happening with this setup
modparam("uac", "restore_mode", "auto")
modparam("uac", "restore_dlg", 1)
modparam("rr", "enable_full_lr", 0)
modparam("rr", "enable_double_rr", 1)
modparam("rr", "append_fromtag", 1)

and only ftag, did are added as param to RR

However we have seen that when using multihomed kamailio instance and doing
uac_replace, vsf/vst are included also with ftag and did params.
Is that behaviour known or expected?

thanks a lot and regards

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