[SR-Users] kamailio 5.4.5 crash after dialog [dlg_hash.c:1182]: next_state_dlg(): bogus event 2 in state 5 for dlg

Trevor Hemsley themsley at voiceflex.com
Wed Jun 2 19:00:13 CEST 2021


We've seen a few occurrences of this crash since we implemented kamailio 
5.4.5 for our inbound call traffic. Preceding the crash we always get a 
message in the logs about "dialog [dlg_hash.c:1182]: next_state_dlg(): 
bogus event 2 in state 5 for dlg" and whenever we see that message, we 
get the crash.

Jun  1 10:12:14 thissystem /usr/sbin/kamailio[20001]: CRITICAL: {2 1 
INVITE 6787142-3831531134-1330894187 at some.telco.domain} dialog 
[dlg_hash.c:1182]: next_state_dlg(): bogus event 2 in state 5 for dlg 
0x7fae153d3cf0 [3973:6059] with clid 
'82608924-3831089984-1833452161 at some.telco.domain' and tags 
'3831089984-684203260' ''

The crash happens on line 879 of 

SET_STR_VALUE(values+7, cell->bind_addr[DLG_CALLER_LEG]->sock_str);

Looking at gdb, I see that cell->bind_addr[DLG_CALLER_LEG] == 0 so 
trying to use it results in the segfault. I have thought about patching 
that to check for bind_addr being set and bypassing that line if not but 
I do not think it's the right fix though it probably would avoid the 
current crash (and do odd things later instead!). I did check that 
everything else in that function that uses DLG_CALLER_LEG is set 
correctly and it appears that it is - or at least if not correctly then 
they are at least set!

The "bogus event 2 in state 5" message is coming out from line 1143 in 

         case DLG_EVENT_RPL1xx:
             switch (dlg->state) {
                 case DLG_STATE_UNCONFIRMED:
                 case DLG_STATE_EARLY:
                     dlg->state = DLG_STATE_EARLY;
                     log_next_state_dlg(event, dlg);

(I didn't really understand why it would set dlg->state = 
DLG_STATE_EARLY if it's already DLG_STATE_EARLY but...)

I have a couple of core dumps of this from the last day or two - usually 
seems to crash at least once a week on our pair of kamailio inbound 
servers. If there's any more info I can provide to help fix this 
properly rather than my proposed bodge then feel free to ask.

Trevor Hemsley


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