[SR-Users] kazoo error

崔群 ruoqingcuiqun at 163.com
Tue Aug 24 09:15:26 CEST 2021

Dear sir:
       I have some problems。the kamailio version is 5.3.0. My linux version is centos 7. the kamailio log:

ERROR: kazoo [kz_amqp.c:2238]: kz_amqp_send_ex(): Failed to publish -9 : a socket error occurred
ERROR: kazoo [kz_amqp.c:2707]: kz_amqp_publisher_send(): error sending publish to zone : local , connection id : 1, uri : amqp://admin

The connection between kamailio and rabbitmq was interrupted, which caused the queue of MQ to be blocked and the message could not be consumed。

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