[SR-Users] Register Forwarding

Fred Posner fred at palner.com
Sat Aug 21 18:04:44 CEST 2021

Just to add that the path module is awesome when working with
freeswitch, other kamailio nodes, etc that support it.

With asterisk (specifically pjsip), there's been issues with path (not
sure if its pjsip itself or asterisk) rendering path useless and
requiring the change of contacts.

Daniel's post is a great solution.

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On 8/21/21 6:24 AM, Alex Balashov wrote:
> For your second question, do not mess with the contact. The proper
> solution is the path extension. See the path module.
>> Sent from mobile, with due apologies for brevity and errors.
>> On Aug 21, 2021, at 6:19 AM, Thomas Grande <tgrande at aligera.com.br> wrote:
>> Hi there!
>> I bumped into this post to perform forwarding of REGISTER requests and
>> then
>> saving a local cache on 2xx replies from main Registrar:
>> https://lists.kamailio.org/pipermail/sr-users/2020-October/110779.html
>> <https://lists.kamailio.org/pipermail/sr-users/2020-October/110779.html>
>> I think I understand all the steps described, but some features I need
>> are missing:
>> - How to change the Via headers to perform topology hiding? I
>> understand TOPOS and TOPOH do not work on these types of messages.
>> - Change contact header so that registrar responses traverse the
>> Kamailio box. (Use textops I suppose?)
>> - Besides, is this approach still the best in comparison to OpenSIPs
>> mid-registrar module?
>> Thanks in advance,
>> -- 
>> *Thomás Alimena Del Grande*
>> Engenharia - Aligera
>> Tel. 51 3500-0121

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