[SR-Users] How to insert user=phone header INVITE TO FROM

Henning Westerholt hw at skalatan.de
Wed Aug 18 08:55:32 CEST 2021


look at the uac module – there are uac_replace_from/to function to achieve this.



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Hi list.

mY provider asks me to insert user = phone in my header. because it requires to receive my INVITE with user = phone in TO and FROM

However, I add the user = phone in my configuration like this:
$ ru = "sip:" + $ rU + "@" + $ sel (cfg_get.pstn1.gw_ip) + ":"
                                                                         + $ sel (cfg_get.pstn1.gw_port) + "; user = phone";

but only the INVITE appears, not in the TO or FROM.

INVITE sip: 09872323232 at X.Y.X.K<mailto:09872323232 at X.Y.X.K>: 5060; user = phone SIP / 2.0

From: <sip: XXXXYYYYY at<mailto:XXXXYYYYY at>: 5060>; tag = 15552444533876
To: <sip: 09872323232 at<mailto:09872323232 at>: 5060>

You can help me solve it.


César Matheus
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