[SR-Users] Is this idea even feasible?

Antony Stone Antony.Stone at kamailio.open.source.it
Tue Aug 17 20:20:34 CEST 2021


I'm looking for a solution to the following problem, and wondering whether 
Kamailio (with which I have very little experience so far) may be it, or 
whether I'm thinking in totally the wrong direction.

The problem:

I have a SIP client application which runs on a standard Linux system, and is 
extremely basic - it can REGISTER in order to receive inbound calls, and it 
can send INVITEs in order to place outbound calls, and that's about it.  It 
handles media as well - in essence, it's a simple softphone.  I can't change 
it for a more capable one, before anyone suggests that :)

Specifically, this thing cannot send REINVITEs in order to put calls on hold, 
nor can it handle anything to do with transfers (blind or attended).

I'm looking for something which does have these SIP capabilities which I could 
put in between this application and the SIP server through which it is placing 
and receiving calls, so that I can (through some sort of API) cause calls in 
progress to be put on hold, resumed, blind transferred, or hold-and-attended-

Does that sound like something Kamailio can do?

If so, can anyone point me in a helpful direction re how to go about it?

If not, can anyone suggest something else which could sit in between a very 
basic SIP client and a PBX server, in order to inject these sorts of commands 
into the path and thereby give me these sorts of extra call capabilities?



I'm not impossible, just highly implausible.

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