[SR-Users] Some questions about drouting module

Андрей Ярин yarin-aa at intersvyaz.net
Mon Aug 16 14:37:06 CEST 2021


I test module on Centos 7, kamailio version 5.5 and found some strange 

1) Definition of table dr_gateways at 
https://kamailio.org/docs/modules/5.5.x/modules/drouting.html#idm98 - in 
DB there is field 'attrs' and only notice about it is module param 3.8. 
attrs_avp but it doesnt describe table field. In OpenSIPS docs i found 


attributes (not used by DR engine, but only pushed to script level when 
routing to this GW)

In kamailio this field is deprecated or its only docs misses param?

2) Previous moment was found when i try to resolve:

WARNING: drouting [dr_load.c:529]: dr_load_routing_info(): route <1> 
does not exist

"Definition of dr_rules table" says that field has type of integer, but 
realy in database its varchar and i think its old docs. But i use KEMI 
question is - how i can tell module that it must be called in KEMI, not 
in native?

3) Every time when i call 'kamcmd drouting.reload' i get message
CRITICAL: <core> [core/mem/q_malloc.c:502]: qm_free(): BUG: bad pointer 
0x7f3e4cea04c0 (out of memory block!) called from core: 
core/utils/tmrec.c: tmrec_free(393) - ignoring
I rollback to 5.4 and still get this error. As i understand its old 
module and its can be internal error - how critical this error can be?

4) Also planned commands like drouting.dump gws|gw_lists|rules?

С уважением,
Ярин Андрей Анатольевич
инженер, группы управления телефонией
Группа компаний «Интерсвязь»
e-mail: yarin-aa at intersvyaz.net
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