[SR-Users] Reminding again about private/direct emails from mailing lists discussions

Daniel-Constantin Mierla miconda at gmail.com
Thu Apr 22 08:24:50 CEST 2021

A lot of emails are still sent directly to me after a discussion started
on public mailing lists (subject with mailing lists prefix, but the sender
header is not the mailing list daemon), I would like to remind that, at
least in my case, writing emails directly without cc-ing the mailing list
is highly not recommended and there is practically 0 chance to get an
answer from myself. The rule is also suggested in the mailing lists
presentation page:

- https://www.kamailio.org/w/mailing-lists/

Unless I asked explicitly for a private email with some specific
details, the message will not be noticed in decent time and therefore
not replied. I use this email address for many public mailing lists and
it is intended only for that usage, I am reacting based on the filters I
created, unmatched messages getting the lowest priority.

Therefore if you wrote me and expect a response, re-send the message to
the appropriate public mailing list. Checking and answering the messages
on Kamailio mailing lists are among the top of priorities on my daily
activity, so it is high chance you get the response faster when you
write there. Note that you can always mask sensitive data (e.g., replace
passwords, IP addresses) before sending logs or config file.

There are several common sense as well as technical reasons for keeping
the discussion on public mailing lists. Here are some along with other
suggestions to improve the likeliness of getting an answer:

- we are not answering questions on mailing lists to help only one
person, but also other people that may have similar issues in the future
-- they can find the answers in the archive with a search engine. Also,
other people subscribed to the list can learn from conversation or
contribute to the discussion, resulting in better outcome

- the amount of unexpected messages is very high -- it is practically a
zero chance to get to the folder with messages that didn't match any
filter (thus your message is not going to be replied)

- whenever I find time, the first emails I answer are those coming on
mailing lists. There might be many unanswered as well, people are
travelling or
having other personal or business projects, so sometime is good to send
a reminder if a question does not get an answer

- starting with negative approach or no technical content, like you are
going to use something else if you don't get a reply instantly, or this
application not good or is missing what so ever tutorial giving exactly
the solution you need, or simply asking for full config of complex
requirements, is not helping at all, but actually making people to ignore
your messages. Start with what you tried and where you got stuck.
Everything you get is for free, have appropriate expectation and behavior.


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