[SR-Users] Create accounta with multiple DIDs

Daniel-Constantin Mierla miconda at gmail.com
Fri Apr 16 15:47:12 CEST 2021


On 16.04.21 08:18, John Tuxies wrote:
> I am novice in the area and i have a Kamailio basic setup where i
> create users and each user can call each other.
> No connection to an ITSP. i am trying to simulate things and need to
> send multiple numbers to each user.
> For example i have users 1000-1003. I need each user to have a range
> of 100 numbers (fake since it ia not connected anywhere) and routed to
> all the other users as well. The idea is to connect Asterisk servers
> and each one have a registered account 1000-1003. Then each Asterisk's
> extension have a particular DID  and call another Asterisk server to a
> different DID. Off course this will go through Kamailio.
> Now i call from one Asterisk to the other by using the 1000-1003 and
> it works. But i need the DID routing

Somehow I do not really get what you try to achieve, how you want the
mapping between between DIDs and user IDs. But, by a long shot, look at
alias_db module, might be what you look for.


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