[SR-Users] Kamailio IF Routes

conradcordeiro at gmail.com conradcordeiro at gmail.com
Mon Sep 21 02:31:02 CEST 2020


Is it possible to set up Kamailio 5.4.1 to use IF to determine how calls 
are proxied depending on the source of the request?

For example, *_if_* calls originate from /pstn.us1.twilio.com/ then 
_/$du = "sip01.example.com:5060"/_, wheres _*if*_ calls originate from 
/pstn.us2.twilio.com/ then _/$du = "sip01.example.com:5060"/_.

Additionally, would this also be possible based on numbers? For example, 
_*if*_ calls are to number +1-800-777-8888 then /$du = 
"sip01.example.com:5060"/, or if calls are to number +1-800-777-9999 
then /$du = "sip02.example.com:5060"/.

To be clear, I don't expect both examples above to work in the same 
Kamailio instance but IF and AND clauses are possible, such as _*if*_ 
calls are to number +1-800-777-8888  AND from /pstn.us1.twilio.com/ then 
_/$du = "sip01.example.com:5060"/_, it'd be great to test this too.

I'm not sure if I'm allowed to ask such specific questions on this 
mailing list and I hope I'm not asking too much.

Many thanks,


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