[SR-Users] Called with SDP without DTLS fingerprint from WebRTC to SIP

Zhan Bazarov chiefkeeft at gmail.com
Mon Sep 14 16:07:20 CEST 2020

Hi, check which protocol which r u using on hardphones... If its UDP - it
wouldn't be work - because in ur route block u r just returning from this

This code block working fine for TCP, but won't be work for UDP.. 

        if (is_request()) {
                if(has_totag()) {
                        if (check_route_param("nat=yes")) {

                        if (check_route_param("rtp=bridge")) {

                        if (check_route_param("rtp=ws")) {

in your case u r just returning from this route:
        if (!isbflagset(FLB_BRIDGE)) {
because there are no any flags configured yet, I mean, kamailio doesn't now
anything about connection - because there is no any connection in case when
u r using UDP, because UDP is connection stateless.... 

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