[SR-Users] ACK Not Relayed to MS Teams

George Goglidze george at ipcorp.co.uk
Mon Nov 23 14:23:48 CET 2020


Any chance you could share the relevant config? I’m doing exact same thing integrating teams with on-premise pbx via Kamaili.

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I am integrating PBX with Teams via Kamailio

Call is working but ACK delivery has an issue

This is the ACK Kamailio receives from PBX

I process the ACK with



record_route_preset(AS per GUIDE LINES)

But this change is not reflected in RELAY

ACK from PBX

ACK sip:api-du-b-usea.pstnhub.microsoft.com:443;x-i=0c344c6a-cd75-4095-9891-bf9445c28b82;x-c=5691aa770226562db7d3e16ab090e196/s/1/e857255ef2344e03bd1d12e270ef5e6c;
ias= SIP/2.0
Via: SIP/2.0/UDP PBX_IP:7790;rport;branch=z9hG4bKPjc50440d0-77db-4467-94cb-2f93c4f88538
From: "USER" <sip:13300 at PBX_IP>;tag=ab87b9b5-eee3-420c-8472-2eec82a769ac
To: <sip:1508 at KAMAILIO_IP>;tag=a2ce378b106949cf8bac8f978bb573fb
Call-ID: 3dbc6680-fec3-4ba5-8232-6dda8c669bca
CSeq: 23811 ACK
Route: <sip:KAMAILIO_IP:7790;lr;ftag=ab87b9b5-eee3-420c-8472-2eec82a769ac>
Route: <sip:sbc.KAMAILIO_FQDN.com;transport=tls;lr;ftag=ab87b9b5-eee3-420c-8472-2eec82a769ac>
Route: <sip:sip-du-a-us.pstnhub.microsoft.com:5061;transport=tls;lr>
Max-Forwards: 70
User-Agent: Asterisk
Content-Length:  0
X-Siptrace-Fromip: udp:PBX_IP:7790
X-Siptrace-Toip: udp:KAMAILIO_IP:7790
X-Siptrace-Time: 1606135546 516717
X-Siptrace-Method: ACK
X-Siptrace-Dir: in

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