[SR-Users] t_uac_send function with From tag

João Vitor Arruda joao.arruda at gmail.com
Wed Nov 18 21:45:00 CET 2020


I'm trying to use the function t_uac_send inside a failure_route as
described in https://kamailio.org/docs/modules/5.3.x/modules/tm.html#tm.f.t_uac_send
to send a CANCEL out.

Although the documentation says "it can include From/To tags" i was
not able to get the from tag provided to be used. Another random
generated one is used.

I've tried the following format without success:
t_uac_send("CANCEL", "$ru", "", "", "From: <$fu>;tag=$ft\r\nTo:
$tu\r\nCall-ID: $ci\r\n", "")
t_uac_send("CANCEL", "$ru", "", "", "From: $fu;tag=$ft\r\nTo:
$tu\r\nCall-ID: $ci\r\n", "")
t_uac_send("CANCEL", "$ru", "", "", "From:
bob at kamailio.org;tag=2w3e\r\nTo: $tu\r\nCall-ID: $ci\r\n", "")

In the last one which is copied from the documentation that is how the
>From header going out looks like:
From: <bob at kamailio.org;tag=2w3e>;tag=3393f0703fb0ccaca74109ff37de39f5-36d71ef0

Any tips on how to get the From tag passed to the function to be used?

Joao Arruda

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