[SR-Users] How to route to calls to asterisk

Mihai Cezar cezar at mokalife.ro
Wed Nov 18 21:17:50 CET 2020

Hi all,

I need some help on getting to work my scenario:

I have 3 asterisk servers, and every agents (soft phones like zoiper) is
connecting  to which server they need by contacting the PublicIP of each
server. (the problem is that I need to reuse the IP address on others
servers) .

I want if is possible to use a proxy like "haproxy" but for sip to redirect
the agents (softphones),
to their coresponding server.

For example:
- james at ast.example.com -> must register to asterisk server 1,
- sarah at ast2.exampe.com -> must register to asterisk server 2
- andy at ast3.example.com-> must register to asterisk server 3

ast.example.com, ast2.example.com, ast3.example.com = will share all
the same ip,

when the request arrives in the proxy it should check the vhost and
redirect to the coresponding server for registering.

Any hints and how to do this scenario?
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