[SR-Users] R: How to overwrite DisplayName

Stefano Larosa stefano.larosa at 10993.it
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i read INVITE from the sniffer and the Displayname is unchanged.

I don’t have errors message back.

I don’t know what i’m missing. Is there some working code sample i can copy
to test it?


Thank you,



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uac_replace_from should generally work. Have you checked the INVITE that is
send out from Kamailio? It will be not visible (normally) inside the script.
Do you get an error message in Kamailio log after calling this cmd?







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Hi and first of all thanks for your amazing work.


I have a kamailio 5.1.1 and i need to change the DisplayName before sending
INVITE to  another Asterisk server.


I need that 

“Sergio”<+33558700000 at> 


“Simona”<+33558700000 at> 


I’ve tried just changing $fn value: 




Or using 

uac_replace_from("Simona ","");


But INVITE msg is always

From: "Sergio"<sip:+33558700000 at;transport=UDP>;tag=1ac9e066


I’ve tried this options in different position in kamailio.cfg but i can
figure out the problem.


Do you have any suggest?

Thank you,





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