[SR-Users] Request documentation of Path Flow of Kamailio

Daniel Cassar Daniel.Cassar.a100127 at mcast.edu.mt
Wed Jun 3 21:33:19 CEST 2020

Thanks :)

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From: Henning Westerholt <hw at skalatan.de>
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Subject: RE: Request documentation of Path Flow of Kamailio

Hello Daniel,

thanks for your interest in Kamailio. Looking forward to see the results of your work, please free to give some feedback if its finished. ??

Being an open source project, there is many documentations available e.g. in our wiki. But most of its is more reference character and probably not something that you can directly use in an academic setting.

But there is already some work outside in academia which might be useful for you. Check e.g. this diploma thesis out, which describe the implementation of Kamailio as a telephone system for CERN:


You can find more works that is using Kamailio e.g. with google scholar:





Henning Westerholt – https://skalatan.de/blog/

Kamailio services – https://gilawa.com<https://gilawa.com/>

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Subject: [SR-Users] Request documentation of Path Flow of Kamailio

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am a student, doing a dissertation about the performance of VPN throughout VoIP Services whereas I decided to configure Kamailio with Siremis Web User Interface on Linux 18.04LTS. I also am using GNS3 as I am trying to connect the server with 3 different routers as a form of sites with different network. What am trying to do is that from the SIP I would try to call from one site to another and see the performance however I need some informations of the Kamailio Server. I need the path communication of how Kamailio works meaning the traffic, protocols being used and these are multicast or unicast when transfer from one site to another. Is this information available somewhere as I seem not to find it anywhere which is why I'm sending you to find out if you have these documentations that I request. I hope to hear from you soon and thanks.


Daniel Cassar
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