[SR-Users] Ideas to reject a call due to RTPEngine failure when handling the 200Ok

Patrick Wakano pwakano at gmail.com
Thu Jan 23 23:01:25 CET 2020

Hello list,
Hope you all doing well!

I have a setup of Kamailio + RTPEngine (so no B2BUA), and I've come to a
situation which I can't really figure out the best decision.....
The case is a late SDP negotiation that the 200Ok with the SDP offer fails
to engage the RTPEngine (for example no RTPEngine available). Also, the
same problem can happen with a normal SDP negotiation, in case the INVITE
goes through normally but then when engaging the SDP answer for the 200Ok,
the RTPengine answer request fails for any reason...
In these cases, I can't generate a proper SDP for the 200OOk so the call
will connect normally, but the media path will be broken...
So for such cases, I am thinking it is reasonable to fail the call.
However, failing a call during the 200Ok stage is tricky, at this point we
can't convert the 200Ok to a 50X. I tried and Kamailio doesn't allow and
also RFC wise this is a no no for a SIP proxy....
I could completely remove the SDP body and forward the 200Ok. This will
force a failed SDP negotiation and leave it for the endpoints the task to
terminate the call. Is that acceptable? Has anyone faced such situation?
Any idea is much appreciated!

Kind regards,
Patrick Wakano
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