[SR-Users] Parallel forking and rtpengine handling

Sebastian Damm damm at sipgate.de
Wed Jan 22 17:06:59 CET 2020


our scenario is the following: We have two clients registered to our
Kamailio server, one with a TLS capable phone, one via websocket. Now,
when a call comes in, the call is forked and is sent out to both
clients. rtpengine handling is done in the branch route, so there are
two offers, and we use the "via-branch" parameter.

Now, when one branch answers the call, what happens to the other
branch? I there a way to delete the other branch? How and in which
route? Or does Kamailio do this automatically?

I'm happy for a hint.


Sebastian Damm
Voice Engineer
sipgate GmbH

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