[SR-Users] pipelimit: inexistent pipe error logs

Nuno Ferreira nferreira at fuze.com
Tue Jan 21 15:34:19 CET 2020

Hi all,

I'm using pipelimit with the "clean_unused" option to get rid of pipes that
are not used for quite some time. At the same time we are monitoring
pipelimit with a jsonrpc call similar to:

# curl --header 'Content-Type: application/json' --data-binary '{"id": 1,
"jsonrpc": "2.0", "method": "pl.list", "params": ["pipe_INVITE"]'

   "jsonrpc": "2.0",
   "error": {
      "code": 400,
      "message": "Unknown pipe id pipe_INVITE"
   "id": 1

The above reply is valid because the pipe_INVITE was not loaded yet, but
the request makes kamailio to log the following log messages:

Jan 20 11:21:48 proxy1 kamailio[24474]: ERROR: pipelimit [pl_ht.c:519]:
rpc_pl_list(): no pipe: pipe_INVITE
Jan 20 11:21:48 proxy1 kamailio[24474]: ERROR: <core>
[core/parser/parse_fline.c:262]: parse_first_line(): parse_first_line: bad
message (offset: 20)
Jan 20 11:21:48 proxy1 kamailio[24474]: [466B blob data]

Since the monitoring system does periodic requests, those log lines get a
bit annoying and fill the log with ERROR messages that aren't really errors.

IMHO the first log line should be converted to DEBUG instead of ERROR, but
I have some doubts about the one from parse_fline.c:262. parse_first_line()
is used to process both SIP and HTTP. It makes sense to log ERROR if SIP
but not in the case of HTTP...
Regarding the "[466B blob data]" I really don't know from where it's coming
I can submit a PR, but I would like to have first some feedback from you.

Thank you,


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