[SR-Users] Trouble with 302 Redirect

Jim Leahy rickfromsunnyvale at gmail.com
Thu Jan 16 21:54:54 CET 2020

Hi All,
   I'm having some issues trying to properly send a '302 Moved Temporarily'
reply to the calling UAC (UAC1) when the remote UAC (UAC2) returns a 486
status (Do Not Disturb). The goal is to redirect UAC1 to a voicemail server
when UAC2 is in DND.
Here are the pertinent parts of my config:

route {
        # drop some things right away

        # perform sanity check

        # handle registrations
        if(is_method("REGISTER")) {

        # handle invites
        if(is_method("INVITE")) {


route[INVITE] {
        # add this proxy to the record-route so it stays in the loop

        # if we can find this user in the location DB...
        if(lookup("location")) {
                # relay the invite to the new dURI
                # go back to the main route

onreply_route[FOURDIGITREPLY] {
        if(t_check_status("4[0-9]{2}")) {
                t_reply("302", "Moved Temporarily");

I'm having issues with the t_reply in the onreply_route. It successfully
sends the reply, but I can't seem to set the Contact header properly. I'm
trying to set it to the location of the user's mailbox on the voicemail
sever (ie sip:1000 at vmpbx.domain.com), but nothing I try works. I've tried:
     insert_hf("Contact: sip:1000 at vmpbx.domain.com");
     t_reply("302", "Moved Temporarily");

But as I understand it, that just changes the header in the reply from
UAC2, not the reply I'm sending to UAC1

Then I tried:
     append_to_reply("Contact: sip:1000 at vmpbx.domain.com" );
     t_reply("302", "Moved Temporarily");

But I can't use append_to_reply in an onreply block.
How can I change the Contact header in the reply that's sent? Am I just
going about this the wrong way? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
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