[SR-Users] Kamalio + RTP Engine + SIP Client behind NAT

Richard Fuchs rfuchs at sipwise.com
Thu Jan 16 14:23:21 CET 2020

On 15/01/2020 13.39, Nuno Miguel Reis wrote:
> Hi guys.
> I'm replacing a environment where I was using kamailio + freeswitch by 
> another where I'm adding rtpengine to the mix.
> One of the issues I'm having now is when I have a SIP Client behind NAT:
> When I send the INVITE from the SIP Client, the SDP is using the 
> private LAN IP address + the advertised media port, let's admit it's 
> <> when the call establishes 
> with a public server running kamailio + rtpengine, the actual RTP 
> arrives from the home router public IP on a natted port, let's admit 
> it's <>, event 
> though, RTPENGINE assumes that RTP stream is coming from 
> <>:5000.I'm using the 
> '--sip-source' with RTPENGINE to make it use the received ip address 
> instead of the private IP coming in the SDP but I'm not finding 
> anything to make RTPENGINE adapt an start sending the RTP FLOW to the 
> port where he starts receiving the RTP flow from, discarding the SDP 
> media port information.

Rtpengine does this automatically, unless the `asymmetric` flag is used. 
You should see a log message about a `confirmed peer address` as soon as 
the first RTP is received on a port.


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