[SR-Users] Kamalio + RTP Engine + SIP Client behind NAT

Nuno Miguel Reis nmreis at student.dei.uc.pt
Wed Jan 15 19:39:31 CET 2020

Hi guys.

I'm replacing a environment where I was using kamailio + freeswitch by
another where I'm adding rtpengine to the mix.
One of the issues I'm having now is when I have a SIP Client behind NAT:

When I send the INVITE from the SIP Client, the SDP is using the private
LAN IP address + the advertised media port, let's admit it's when the call establishes with a public server running
kamailio + rtpengine, the actual RTP arrives from the home router public IP
on a natted port, let's admit it's, event though,
RTPENGINE assumes that RTP stream is coming from I'm
using the '--sip-source' with RTPENGINE to make it use the received ip
address instead of the private IP coming in the SDP but I'm not finding
anything to make RTPENGINE adapt an start sending the RTP FLOW to the port
where he starts receiving the RTP flow from, discarding the SDP media port

In my previous setup with freeswitch alone, freeswitch did this
transparently. How do you guys solve this issue in RTPENGINE?

Nuno Miguel Reis
Departamento de Engenharia Informática
Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia
Universidade de Coimbra
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