[SR-Users] Diameter EVENT_REQUEST

Steve Bucklin steve at telcoelectronics.uk
Mon Jan 13 15:38:40 CET 2020

Dear All,

I was wondering if someone could give me a pointer on handling diameter 

I am a complete newb to the diameter, and have used a RESTCOMM SMS-C to 
generate charging requests.

1. I have got the CDP and other modules going and it connects with 
application (Diameter Credit Control Application (4)

2. I tried to use a simple ims_ocs module, but get a "getMethod()" 
error. Looking at the code, there are only three supported, START, 

3. I have captured the message in pcap - and all looks OK.

4. To examine the whole message I tried using the ims_diameter_server 
module to produce a JSON of all the values sent in the $diameter_request 
within the event_route, HOWEVER once the request arrives I get an error:

ERROR: cdp [diameter_avp.c:645]: AAAUngroupAVPS(): hss3g_ungroup_avps: 
source buffer to short!! Cannot read the whole AVP header!

I assume that the cdp function AAAUngroupAVPS() cannot sort the data 
into JSON due to a buffer issue. Any pointers?


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