[SR-Users] Parsing exception when "user=phone" is present

Duarte Rocha duarterocha91 at gmail.com
Wed Jan 8 16:52:09 CET 2020


I'm testing some portability scenarios with carriers and i've ran into some

Take this example URI from ETSI TR 184 003 (
 - Sip:+49234598765;npdi;rn=+49-D123 at provider5.net;user=phone

In this case i need to parse user, user's parameters, domain and uri

In order to that i'm using uri's transformations like {uri.user},
{uri.domain}, etc.

However, when "user=phone" is present, Kamailio's parser works differently.

Without "user=phone" -> {uri.user} is equal to
With "user=phone" -> {uri.user} is equal to "+49234598765" .

I really need to access "rn" and "npdi" parameters in those cases. How can
i do it when "user=phone" is present?
Is there a way to disable the "user=phone" exception for parsing?

Best Regards,

Duarte Rocha
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