[SR-Users] Understanding some usrloc modparams

Joel Serrano joel at textplus.com
Thu Feb 20 01:11:50 CET 2020


I have an installation using usrloc + db_mode=1.

If I want on db_mode=1 or db_mode=2 the expired contacts to be cleaned up I
have to enable the modparam db_timer_clean:


The docs say:

"*Enable (1) or disable (0) cleaning of expired db records on timer basis
for db_mode WRITE-BACK and WRITE-THROUGH. It uses the secondary timer

I have the following doubts:

1- What does the reference "it uses *the* secondary timer process" mean? Is
there a specific secondary timer just for this purpose?
2- Is  #1 related to the modparam timer_procs? (so it uses one of those
when enabled?)
3- Why/When would you need a timer_proces modparam with a value higher than

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