[SR-Users] Trying to use $sel(contact.uri.params)

Chaigneau, Nicolas nicolas.chaigneau at capgemini.com
Fri Dec 18 15:52:48 CET 2020

I've come up with something that works:

                               $var(contact_uri) = $sel(contact.uri);
                               $var(tgrp) = $(var(contact_uri){param.value,tgrp});

Not sure if « $sel(contact.uri.params) » is supposed to work as I think it should...

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Objet : [SR-Users] Trying to use $sel(contact.uri.params)


I'd like to use a « select » as described here:

I'm trying to extract a parameter from the Contact URI.
What I've tried to do:
                               xlog("L_INFO", "contact.uri: $sel(contact.uri)\n"); # OK
                               xlog("L_INFO", "contact.uri.params: $sel(contact.uri.params)\n"); # null ??

This does not seem to work... see output here :

3(10316) INFO: {1 INVITE r8wEHsAgxNIS5OJL} <script>: contact.uri: sip:+33145678901;tgrp=YC031;trunk-context=YC90 at
3(10316) INFO: {1 INVITE r8wEHsAgxNIS5OJL} <script>: contact.uri.params: <null>

What am I doing wrong ?
Maybe this is the wrong approach for what I'm trying to do ?

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