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Ali Taher ataher at vanrise.com
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What I need is to fetch routing from VoltDB and send it back to switch using 3xx response. So I think the API solution is the best approach here. 
Thanks for all this useful info.

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You'd have to devise some sort of API or use something that Kamailio can talk to, unless you're inclined to write a custom module that uses a library[1].

Otherwise, the usual integration paths are available, e.g.

1) You could put a REST API server in front of VoltDB and use:



2) Or, you could write a server of some kind which mediates these requests using EVAPI:


3) Or, you could write a minimal SIP redirect service using a library such as PJSUA/PJSIP, or JAIN,


which would allow Kamailio to consume 3xx redirects as a transport for information queries. That is a common pattern for external routing services, for example.

It's also worth keeping in mind that even if you invent such a shim, you're not going to be able to use VoltDB to provide database backing for Kamailio's database-backed modules (e.g. htable, usrloc, dispatcher, carrierroute, etc). If your aim is to make VoltDB work transparently with those modules, then this isn't a viable project.

What you can do is query an API for some limited purposes. For example, you could get authentication credentials from VoltDB and store them in pseudovariables so as to feed them into functions which can use them, such as:


But most Kamailio modules which extensively utilise a relational database don't expose capabilities like that. That would, after all, contradict the basic purpose for which a lot of them exist, which is to transparently manage database interactions for you while providing terse and easy-to-use syntactical sugar.

So, it depends on what exactly you want to do. If it's something very specific, like getting routes or authentication credentials, you could potentially use an unsupported database if you devise a means of communicating with it indirectly, using a generic channel that Kamailio does support.

But if you're asking if Kamailio supports VoltDB in a rather general sense, the answer is no.

-- Alex

[1] https://docs.voltdb.com/UsingVoltDB/ChapAppDesign.php

On 12/14/20 2:57 PM, Ali Taher wrote:
> Hi Alex,
> Thanks for your answer. How to proceed to let Kamailio talk manually 
> to VoltDB ?
> Regards,
> Ali Taher

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