[SR-Users] Dialog profile not defined

Gertjan Wolzak g.wolzak at kazlow.nl
Thu Dec 3 10:04:31 CET 2020

Hello Kamailions,

I am running into the following issue.

The same setup I had working on 5.0, now I am using a 5.4 version of 
Kamailio, but I do not believe it has to do with the version, more with 
my ability to make errors...

I am trying to limit incoming calls by using the dialog module. The max 
concurrent calls value I retrieve from a database.

But when I try to start Kamailio it will not because the dialog profile 
is not defined...

These are my configured Dialog parameters:

# ---- Dialog params -------------
modparam("dialog", "default_timeout", 7200)
modparam("dialog", "db_mode", 0)
modparam("dialog", "dlg_flag", DLG_FLAG)
modparam("dialog", "hash_size", 4096)
#modparam("dialog", "detect_spirals", 1)
modparam("dialog", "profiles_with_value", "callee")

My check on the concurrent inbound calls:

         #Add call to callee profile
         #Check if callee has not reached inbound call limit

         #Get max concurrent calls
         sql_query("cc", "select max_calls_in from calllimit where 
cust_id='$avp(custid)'", "ra");
         $avp(concurrent) = 0;
         get_profile_size("callee", "$avp(custid)", "$avp(concurrent)");
         if( $avp(concurrent) = $var(max) )
                 xlog("L_INFO"," Call limit reached for customer 
$avp(custid)\r\n ");
                 sl_send_reply("503", "No Lines Available");

         set_dlg_profile("callee", "$avp(custid)");


And the kamailio log error:

Dec  3 09:12:08 proxy01 kamailio[74102]: INFO: <core> [main.c:2833]: 
main(): processes (at least): 21 - shm size: 67108864 - pkg size: 8388608
Dec  3 09:12:08 proxy01 kamailio[74102]: CRITICAL: dialog 
[dialog.c:391]: fixup_profile(): profile <callee> not defined
Dec  3 09:12:08 proxy01 kamailio[74102]: ERROR: <core> 
[core/route.c:1166]: fix_actions(): fixing failed (code=-6) at 

Is someone able to see where I go wrong and point me in the right direction?

Thank you.


Gertjan Wolzak

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