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Thu Apr 30 09:48:52 CEST 2020


I have integrated Asterisk with Teams using Kamailio like SBC, thanks this

I can make call from Teams to Asterisk throught Kamailio, I have not
Callerid from Teams but I'm working in this..

The problem that I have is call from Asterisk to Teams..

So, I have configurated a PSTN in Kamailio to my Asterisk. In Kamailio.cfg
I have:

* PSTN GW Routing
 * - pstn.gw_ip: valid IP or hostname as string value, example:
 * pstn.gw_ip = "" desc "My PSTN GW Address"
 * - by default is empty to avoid misrouting */
pstn.gw_ip = "IP ASERISK" desc "PSTN GW Address"
pstn.gw_port = "PORT ASTERISK" desc "PSTN GW Port"

In request_route, when I received an INVITE, I have:

if (is_method("INVITE|SUBSCRIBE")) {
                if(src_ip==IP ASTERISK) {
                } else {

So, If I received an INVITE from a src_ip!=IP ASTERISK, I route to PSTN and
call to my Asterisk(works, without callerid, but works). I don't know if
there are any best way to do that..

If I received an INVITE from a src_ip==IP ASTERISK, I set
record_route_preset, but how can I send the call to Teams?

What is wrong? What are I doing wrong?

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