[SR-Users] rtpenigne & STUN

Ahed Saed aahdsaid at gmail.com
Fri Apr 17 20:45:20 CEST 2020

I'm using kamailio 5.3 & rtpengine ( both kamailio and rtpengine resides on
public IP on same machine)
am using below logic to handle clients behind NAT

                        rtpengine_manage("SIP-source-address replace-origin
replace-session-connection ");
                        rtpengine_manage("trust-address replace-origin
replace-session-connection ");

I don't want all the rtp packet to go over the server, i just want to make
it use the rtpengine just in case it is needed.
but am not sure how this can be done using kamailio,
from the client side i'll try to use STUN, but i understand STUN doesn't
work all the time ( ~90% of the cases it will work)

can anyone help me with this ?

another question - if one client works with STUN and the other is behind
NAT how this should be handled?

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