[SR-Users] UE client for IMS

Valentin Christoph Christoph.Valentin at kontron.com
Wed Apr 15 15:31:56 CEST 2020


Zoiper, Linphone, and so on

…………are not strictly spoken 3GPP compliant UEs, but IMS should be able to cope with them, if the operator likes that.

Imho, 403  Forbidden – domain not served can be a result of misconfiguration.

To be precise: you asked for normal ims call flow. You did not ask for strict compliancy of each and every header field and body.

Just 2 cent

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Could anyone suggest me what UE client can be used to test the normal ims call flow . Currently I am using zoiper client and facing issues of 403 forbidden - domain not served . So kindly help me in this regard so that if I change my UE client it works .

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