[SR-Users] Manipulating User Agent header in dispatcher OPTIONS

Andrew White andrew at uconnected.com.au
Wed Mar 27 16:11:29 CET 2019

Hi all,

I’ve set the server_header variable in my primary config, and I’ve got a catch in the default reply route to modify headers where required. I’m masking this value for security reasons, and filling it with my own value for vanity reasons :).

I’ve noticed that the OPTIONS packet that is send via the dispatcher module when probing mode is on contains a User-Agent field which has the full version and OS type. Unfortunately I don’t necessarily have trust of the end destination being dispatcher to, nor the packet switchers in-between.

How can I catch this OPTIONS packet to manipulate the value? It doesn’t appear to go through the REQUEST route or the ONSEND route.



Andrew White - Director
Email: andrew at uconnected.com.au
Web: www.uConnected.com.au


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