[SR-Users] uac_replace_from/to, msg_apply_changes and Re-INVITE

Henning Westerholt hw at kamailio.org
Mon Mar 25 22:56:04 CET 2019


I am currently debugging a strange issue related to the usage of 
uac_replace_from/to() after msg_apply_changes(). It works all fine, but in a 
Re-INVITE case it inserts the wrong headers for the 100 - Trying case. The 
calle side gets then a reply with wrong From/To. This happens all the time 
with this particular cfg.

I already checked for the usual issues:

- msg_apply_changes() called several times
- msg_apply_changes() called after transactions created/async processing etc..

Any ideas what else could be the problem?

The msg_apply_changes() is needed for some SDP filtering logic in the cfg.

Thanks and regards,


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