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Damn... just realised that I didnt type a subject at all :)

On Wed, 31 Jul 2019 at 12:58, jay binks <jaybinks at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hey all,
> looking for a little help.
> I've been tracking an issue, where a number of SIP Messages ( typically
> INVITE ) are sent, but Kamailio only see one of them ( the last one).  I
> have verified that the messages are definitely received on the host, as
> verified with TCPDUMP, but the INVITES never hit the request route block. (
> the very first thing is to log the message )
> What i've managed to find is, that if I increase worker children, the
> problem goes away.
> So I've got a problem, I think I've found the solution, but what I'm
> struggling with is how to monitor better, so I can be alerted to this in
> the future.
> I started by looking at "kamctl stats | grep drop"
>     "core:drop_replies = 14",
>     "core:drop_requests = 10577"
> however drop_requests seems to include explicit drops in my config.
> which I do for many reasons, but mainly bad UA or blocked IP's, so this
> dosnt seem to be what im after.
> I then went digging in the code ( often the best way to find things ).
> in receive.c receive_msg() we find some conditions, where we drop the
> packet ( before calling request route ).
> right now im looking around line 251 at
> LM_DBG("dropping the received message\n");
> goto error00;
> Following error00 I see it calls STATS_RX_DROPS which increments
> stats->received_drops.
> This is where it gets fun, I cant find where received_drops is ever
> returned in the stats output.
> I can see where -SIGUSR1 will trigger this to be dumped, if Kamailio is
> compiled with that option ( dosnt seem the debian packages are ).  however,
> what im seeking clarification on is, does this get reported in "kamctl
> stats"
> Am I just going crazy or is something not quite right here?
> TLDNR;  how do I monitor for Kamailio not having enough worker threads to
> process incoming messages.
> FYI I'm seeing about 50Mbps of incoming SIP on this box, and I do perform
> a decent amount of work on some message types.
> --
> Sincerely
> Jay
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