[SR-Users] presence_mwi body check problem

Володимир Іванець volodyaivanets at gmail.com
Tue Jan 22 16:51:06 CET 2019


I'm trying to process PUBLISH on Kamailio (v. 5.2.1) but constantly getting
"500 Server Internal Error" responce.

For packet body:

*Messages-Waiting: yes*
*Message-Account: sip:100-test at <sip%3A100-test at>*
*Voice-Message: 1/2*

... debug output is:

*kamailio: 2(27127) DEBUG: presence [event_list.c:348]: search_event():
start event= [message-summary/6]*
*kamailio: 2(27127) DEBUG: presence [publish.c:351]:
ki_handle_publish_uri(): SIP-If-Match header not found*
*kamailio: 2(27127) DEBUG: presence [presentity.c:88]: generate_ETag():
etag= a.1548164100.27127.7.0 / 22*
*kamailio: 2(27127) DEBUG: presence [publish.c:360]:
ki_handle_publish_uri(): new etag  = a.1548164100.27127.7.0*
*kamailio: 2(27127) DEBUG: presence [publish.c:385]:
ki_handle_publish_uri(): Expires header found, value= 16*
*kamailio: 2(27127) ERROR: presence_mwi [add_events.c:110]:
mwi_publ_handl(): check of body <Messages-Waiting: yes*
*kamailio: Message-Account: sip:100-test at
<sip%3A100-test at>*
*kamailio: Voice-Message: 1/2*
*kamailio: > failed at character number 22*
*kamailio: 2(27127) ERROR: presence [publish.c:480]:
ki_handle_publish_uri(): in event specific publish handling*

I'm not sure, but it appears to me that check in line 95 from
is not passing. I was trying to add "\n" and "\r" to the end of each string
but I always had failure on character number 22.

Does anyone know how exactly PUBLISH packet body should look like?

Thanks a lot!
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