[SR-Users] uri_param function

Andrew Chen achen at fuze.com
Mon Jan 21 22:23:39 CET 2019

Hi all,

Question.  I'm executing uri_param() function to look for our customized
Request-URI parameters generated by our client.  However, it keeps saying
the param is not there even though my client logs shows the param was
generated.  Below is an example Request-URI from a test call I made:

sips:<some long string>@sjomainkamavip50.fuzemeeting.com:443;FN=

And here is my line of code to check it:

                        if(uri_param("AK") ||uri_param("ak")) {
                                xlog("L_INFO", "[CSeq $cs] AK value
                        } else {
                                xlog("L_INFO", "[CSeq $cs] AK value not
detected.  Aborting call");
Am I misusing this function somehow?

I'm running 5.1.2.



Andy Chen

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