[SR-Users] segfault error - process stopped

Henning Westerholt hw at kamailio.org
Sun Jan 20 17:07:08 CET 2019

Am Montag, 14. Januar 2019, 18:58:34 CET schrieb AL RSM:
> We are running Kamailio 3.7 on our production servers. The Kamailio process
> stopped running on one of the 4 servers. Log shows "segfault error".
> No core file generated. Any suggestion on how to verify the issue would be
> appreciated.
> kernel: [63574875.776269] kamailio[1558]: segfault at 0 ip 000000000055933a
> sp 00007fffd4ca6700 error 4 in kamailio[400000+211000]
> /usr/sbin/kamailio[1545]: ALERT: <core> [main.c:785]: child process 1558
> exited by a signal 11
> /usr/sbin/kamailio[1545]: ALERT: <core> [main.c:788]: core was not generated
> CRON[21436]: (root) CMD (command -v debian-sa1 > /dev/null && debian-sa1 1
> 1)

Hi AL,

the 3.7.x version you use is really old and is not supported anymore. Please 
update to a supported version of Kamailio (e.g. 5.2.1 or 5.1.6. 

If you don't want to update the server, you need to investigate the error by 
yourself. You will find some documentation about to enable the core dump 
functionality in our wiki: 


Best regards,


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