[SR-Users] handling BYEs generated by dialog-timeout

* Paolo Visintin - evosip.cloud paolo.visintin at evosip.cloud
Fri Jan 18 15:27:19 CET 2019


I'm wondering if someone have experience in changing $du on local kamailio
generated packets (like BYE generated at the dialog-timeout) I'm trying to
manipulate in `event_route[tm:local-request]` with no success.

In the end I have it working using the `forward()` function and then using
`exit;` but in this case instead of having 2 BYEs , kamailio sends 4 BYEs
(2 with original $du, 2 with new $du)

this an example :
event_route[tm:local-request] {
  if ($rm == "BYE") {

I'm using a kamailio proxy on top with no record-route (we want to have
multiple instances of proxy that can change ip address).

Thanks in advance!

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