[SR-Users] Dispatcher attributes

Jason.Park Jason.Park at target.com
Wed Jan 9 22:31:16 CET 2019


When using the attributes feature of the dispatcher module, is it possible to directly access/address an individual attribute directly?

For example, if I use the following dispatcher text file:
# line format
# setid(int) destination(sip uri) flags(int,opt) priority(int,opt) attributes(str,opt)
1234 sip:;transport=tcp 0 0 attr1=red;attr2=blue

And this config snippet, I was hoping to be able to access the attribute with a variable.
modparam("dispatcher", "attrs_pvname", "$vxavp(ds_attrs)")

if(ds_is_from_list(1234,1)) {
                x_log(“L_NOTICE”,”attr1: $xavp(ds_attrs=>attr1)\n”);

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