[SR-Users] [EXT] Re: P-CSCF returns SIP error: 483 Too may hops

Woscek, Martin W. mwoscek at mitre.org
Wed Jan 9 19:14:43 CET 2019

Yes, The DNS NAPTR records are correct.  I have all running on single laptop, P:4060, I:5060, S:6060 and all DNS tests verified.
I don’t have any traffic other than the P talking to itself until the number hops is exceeded.

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Check the Ports in DNS and in configuration files.for example if you set 5060 in configuration of pcscf,set 5060 in dns for pcscf too

For Registration REGISTER goes from pcscf to icscf first then icscf gets address of scscf in UAA from HSS,then icscf forwards REGISTER to scscf and ...

On Wed, Jan 9, 2019, 18:04 Woscek, Martin W. <mwoscek at mitre.org<mailto:mwoscek at mitre.org> wrote:
Hi all,

I’ve stood up IMS 4.3.4.  When I try to register with a boghe IMS client the P-CSCF gets in a loop and a SIP error: 483 Too may hops is returned.
I would think the path would b to S-CSCF:6060 which would then check the HSS for user bob.

The P-CSCF log attached.

I believe Im missing some basic configuration setting here.
If there is configuration (test scenario) documentation that I can be pointed to, it’d be appreciated.

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