[SR-Users] nat_uac_test not recognized command in onreply_route

Sergey Okhapkin sos at sokhapkin.dyndns.org
Thu Jan 3 23:36:50 CET 2019

Did you load the module?

On Thursday, January 3, 2019 5:27:12 PM EST Andrew Chen wrote:

Hey it's me again.

So I'm following the instructions in the Kamailio 5.1.x wiki module page for 
websocket configuration and it specifically mention to set this block:

onreply_route[WS_REPLY] {
        xlog("L_INFO", "[CSeq $cs] Is in WS_REPLY.");
        xlog("L_INFO", "[CSeq $cs] Sending $rs $rr to $sel(via[2].host) via 
$sel(via[2].transport) len: $ml");
        xlog("L_INFO", "[CSeq $cs] \n$mb \n");

        if(nat_uac_test("64")) {
                # Do NAT traversal stuff for replies to a WebSocket connection
                # - even if it is not behind a NAT!
                # This won't be needed in the future if Kamailio and the
                # WebSocket client support Outbound and Path.

When I did this and started up Kamailio, it gave me an error:

Jan  3 22:19:43 sjomainkama55 kamailio: ERROR: <core> [core/cfg.y:3309]: 
yyparse(): cfg. parser: failed to find command nat_uac_test (params 1)

I moved that if statement to a route block and I was able to start it up.

The wiki page for nathelper module specify this function can be run in 
onreply_route as well:

5.5.  nat_uac_test(flags)
Tries to guess if client's request originated behind a nat. The parameter 
determines what heuristics is used.
Meaning of the flags is as follows:
1 - The “Contact” header field is searched for occurrence of RFC1918 or 
RFC6598 addresses.
2 - the "received" test is used: address in the “Via” header is compared 
against source IP address of signaling
4 - The Top Most “Via” is searched for occurrence of RFC1918 or RFC6598 
8 - The SDP is searched for occurrence of RFC1918 or RFC6598 addresses
16 - Test if the source port is different from the port in the “Via” header
32 - Test if the source IP address of signaling is a RFC1918 or RFC6598 
64 - Test if the source connection of signaling is a WebSocket
128 - Test if the “Contact” header URI port differs from the source port of 
the request (Warning: this is might be legal or even intended combination in 
non NATted scenarios)
All flags can be bitwise combined, the test returns true if any of the tests 
identified a NAT.
This function can be used from REQUEST_ROUTE, ONREPLY_ROUTE, FAILURE_ROUTE, 

is this some known bug in 5.1.x?


Andy Chen
achen at fuze.com

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