[SR-Users] rtpengine in stateless kamailio

Yuriy Gorlichenko ovoshlook at gmail.com
Wed Jan 2 16:08:53 CET 2019

Yep that works
with size of 1 it stores minimal data and not grows more than a cuple of
Thx a lot

P.S. Anyway this is a tricky (hack) and suppose in the future will be cool
to add function to disable hash at all. I understand that this is not
ususal case but anyway it makes sence to be

ср, 2 янв. 2019 г. в 18:02, Richard Fuchs <rfuchs at sipwise.com>:

> On 02/01/2019 09.32, Yuriy Gorlichenko wrote:
> > Thx for the reply
> > Yes
> > Internal hash table diffenentelly stores info
> > But even it case of putting timeout to 0 it still grows in synthetic
> > tests. So looks like it will grows alsways because of deletes entries
> > but creates new and so on and so on...
> > So means it decrases "leak" but not fully
> >
> > Is there some hidden function maybe to drop hast table o some ticky to
> > do this? (we are using oru ow algorinthm that garanties to use same
> > node in case of transaction)
> You should be able to set the timeout to zero and the size of the hash
> table to one (variable `hash_table_size`). That should make the code
> purge out all entries on every operation, keeping the number of entries
> minimal.
> Cheers
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